Need a quick repair? We’ll always do our best to get your bike back on the trail/road/whereveryouride as soon as possible, because it’s no fun being without a bike.
We would recommend that you get your bike serviced regularly, so those niggles don’t turn into emergency repairs!

Our mechanics are all Cytec level 2 qualified and take special care over every bike they work on…

Take a look at our service menu, see what’s best for you, the following are just a suggestion, every bike is different!

Safety Check: £15
Designed for bikes which see only occasional, light use – a check-up for peace of mind!
Includes checking:
All bolts are done up to correct torque
Wheel alignment and tyre wear/pressure
Gear alignment and wear (incl chain wear)
Brake alignment and wear

Standard Service: £35
Here we get a bit more ‘in depth’ – recommended for bikes which see average use.
As above plus:
Check and adjust gears
Check and adjust brakes
Check and adjust hubs/headset/bottom bracket
True wheels
Check & inflate tyres
Lubricate chain and gear mechanism
Full road test

Deluxe Service: £75
The ‘Full Monty’ – for bikes which see heavy use, or just because you want to give your bike a special treat!
As for Standard Service plus:
Strip and regrease hubs, headset and bottom bracket.
Degrease and lube drivetrain
Clean and grease seatpost and quick release
Clean, check and lubricate fork stanchions
Full road test

Please note that all prices quoted on this are for labour only and do not include the cost of parts.

3 Responses to Workshop

  1. David MacDonald says:

    Hi guys,

    would it be possible to bring my Salsa Mukluk in to get its bottom bracket replaced? Its totally knackered! I also have a Kona Kula that’s needing a service. Not a lot wrong with it, but I can’t seem to get the gears to work properly.

    I’ve got a van coming down to Aviemore this morning with some beer, but I can bring it down whenever is convenient for you. Please let me know when will be convenient for you for us to bring them down. 07780655199

    Kind regards


  2. Duncan Jagger says:

    Hi there

    I’d like to book my Santa Cruz 5010 in for a service if possible – Deluxe.

    It’d be good to know if any of the bearings are worn, because these are covered under lifetime warranty (not all bearings, I know!). My DMR Vault pedals need some love. I’m guessing they’ll need a replacement bearings kit because they’re really creaky!

    Other than that, a good once over and perhaps a rear brake bleed/adjustment?

    Please let me know when is a good time.


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