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A Jones is a high-performance non-suspended bicycle. The ride is both efficient and comfortable and the handling is immediate and assured. With the default choice for off-road cycling nowadays seemingly suspension before anything else, it might seem odd to ride rigid but that is the last thing my bicycles are – the geometry and construction provide an extremely satisfying and direct connection between the rider, the trail and the bike. It’s pure cycling and a lot of fun.

Jones trail

We keep a good stock of Jones H-bars and are currently waiting for a new Plus frameset to build into a demo bike.

Prices Nov 2017:

Plus SWB Diamond/Truss 24″ blue or black £1660
Plus SWB Spaceframe/Truss 24″ blue or black £1780
Plus LWB Diamond/Truss 24/25″  grey or black £1660
Plus LWB Spaceframe/Truss 23″ grey or black £1780
Plus LWB Ti 24″ Frameset w/Ti Truss fork tbc

New Jones Truss Headsets with sealed bearings £52

H-BARS (all 710mm black)
Loop DB (butteed) H-Bars £140
Loop SG (straight guage) H-Bars £92
Loop SG 2.5″ hi-rise H-Bars £92
Bend H-Bars silver or black £92
Carbon Loop H-Bars £340
Titanium Loop H-Bars £597 (gulp!)
GNARWHAL handlebar extension £92

GRIPS (essential for optimum Jones performance)
Jones H-grips EVA foam 205mm (for 710 H-Bars) – 50 durometer (medium) £22
Jones Kraton rubber H-grips 205mm clear (softer) black (less soft) £22
Jones H-Tape (for wrapping front/central Loop sections etc) £10
ESI 8.25” Chunky Silicon (for 710 H-Bars) £28
ESI 8.25” Extra Chunky Silicon (for 710 H-Bars) £34

150mm front Hubs £150
135 and 135/142 hubs £130

Jones C-Rims (centred and off-centred drillings) £640


24/25” Plus framepack £264
Spaceframe framepack (fits all spaceframes) £185 Bags
Loop Hole (H-Bar) bag £120 Bags
Trussfork bags (pair) £310
Jones branded chainstay protector £12

We would love it if you visited the shop to try stuff and make your purchase – if you haven’t been, Aviemore is an amazing place to visit!
Sometimes a quick trip to one of the world’s top riding locations just isn’t possible so you can call us on 01479 810111 or email – we can give you advice on Jones kit, let you know what we have in stock or how quick we can get it.
If you are keen to try a Jones (and you should!) let us know and we should be able to organise a demo ride for you.