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A Jones is a high-performance non-suspended bicycle. The ride is both efficient and comfortable and the handling is immediate and assured. With the default choice for off-road cycling nowadays seemingly suspension before anything else, it might seem odd to ride rigid but that is the last thing my bicycles are – the geometry and construction provide an extremely satisfying and direct connection between the rider, the trail and the bike. It’s pure cycling and a lot of fun.

Jones trail

We keep a good stock of Jones H-bars and are currently waiting for a new Plus frameset to build into a demo bike. Due early June!

Prices May 2017:

24/25″ Boost Plus steel diamond and steel Truss framesets (black or grey) £1600
23″ Boost Plus steel Spaceframe and steel Truss framesets (black or grey) £1750

New Jones Truss Headsets with sealed bearings £48

Aluminum 710mm Loop DB H-Bars £140
Aluminum 710mm Loop SG (Straight Guage – new) H-Bars £90
Aluminum 710mm Bend H-Bars £92
Carbon 710 Loop H-Bars £310
Titanium 710 Loop H-Bars £597 (gulp!)
GNARWHAL handlebar extension £92

150mm front Hubs £150
135 and 135/142 hubs £130

Jones C-Rims (centred and off-centred drillings) £640

Jones H-grips 205mm (for 710 H-Bars) – 50 durometer (medium) £28
Jones H-Tape (for wrapping front/central Loop sections etc) £12
ESI 8.25” Chunky Silicon (for 710 H-Bars) £28
ESI 8.25” Extra Chunky Silicon (for 710 H-Bars) £36


24/25” Plus framepack £264
Spaceframe framepack (fits all spaceframes) £185 Bags
Loop Hole (H-Bar) bag £120 Bags
Trussfork bags (pair) £310
Jones branded chainstay protector £12

HOW TO BUY: just call us on 01479 810111 or email and we’ll tell you if we have what you’d like in stock, or how quick we can get them.
You can pay by card or

If you are keen to try a Jones (and you should!) let us know and we should be able to organise a demo ride for you.